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TST is among the leaders in the development and production of protective equipment for high-pressure jetting / blasting.

The protective equipment is manufactured using the world's strongest fiber - Dyneema. The equipment has been tested and CE Certified. 

The protective equipment has been manufactured since 1994 and is currently available in 3 standard pressure classes / Protection level.

All TST Sweden clothes are tested and certified in accordance with Regulations (EU) 2016/425.

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1. Protection Level 5/5/2: 

Follow the links above for the latest development. Certified High Visibility ProOperator Overall, Jacket and Trousers. The clothing is perceived as very easy to put on and comfortable to wear.

ISO EN 20471:2013 Class 3



2. Protection Level 10/28: 


Max 1000 bar at straight jet nozzle and 2800 bar with rotor nozzle.

TST Sweden has a series of protective clothing for high pressure liquids, for example high pressure cleaning or hydraulic maintenance. They protect, depending on equipment, up to 500 bar pressure.

3. Protection Level 20/30: 


Max 2000 bar with straight jet nozzle and 3000 bar with rotor nozzle. TST Sweden's clothing is designed to offer the best possible comfort for high-pressure water washers, while protecting against water jets up to 3000 bar / 43.5 Kpsi. These clothes have good ventilation and are very comfortable to wear.

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