Speck Triplex has more that 100 years of experience in  pumps. 

Manufacturer's plunger pumps are capable to produce pressure from 0 to 1000 bar, 0 - 500 liter per minute and maximum up to 106 kW.

Pump Supply have the following pumps to offer its customers:

  • Only shaft pumps

  • complete diesel & electric  driven pump units for high pressure blasting, injection , mist.

  • Unloader and safety valves

  • Blast guns and turbo nozzles

  • Hoses and Hose reels

Air Humidification Misting Units

Optimal supply and excellent misting quality are achieved through speed control, and quiet operation through tailored pulsation dampening. Low pump revolutions assure long service life.

These unit can be utilized in various applications such as:

  • Anti Static units

  • Fertilizer plants

  • printing industry

  • Tunneling, Mining

  • Fire extinguishing plants

  • Anti-Static units

  • Plant growth

  • Paper Industry

CO2 Liquid-Gaseous

In addition to classical filling of vessels with CO2 from tanks, pumps for circulating super critical CO2 up to 300 bar input/output pressure are also available.

Utilization Areas are:

  • Filling containers, Bottles, Cooling systems

  • Disinfection, Disinfection, Food, Medicines

  • Extraction, Textile dyeing, Fabric production

  • Oil extraction, Liquefied gas production

  • Dry cleaning textiles, Components 

  • Pest management 

  • Borehole feeding


We offer products ranging from units for small quantity flow for PU foam production, to assembled units for lubricant dosing, to injection systems for air compressors or combustion engines.

Utilization Areas are:

  • Block foam

  • Molded foam

  • (De-ionized water, Isocyanates, Amines, CO2) 

Pressure Testing

The variety of different designs is practically limitless. From competitively priced portable serial machines, to tailor-made high-pressure testing units up to 1200 bar, with an electric, hydraulic or combustion motor, fixed or variable performance parameters, simple on-off switch or intelligent process control with automatic test cycles.

Sewer and Pipe Cleaning

We offer a comprehensive range of special pumps specifically for sewer and pipe cleaning mainly with hydraulic drive but also with combustion engines. Competitively priced, robust, easy to service, compact and low in weight.


High Pressure Cleaning

The diversity of various designs is virtually limitless, ranging from competitively priced portable serial machines, to individually designed high-pressure cleaning units for up to 1200 bar, either with electric, hydraulic or combustion engine, fixed or variable performance parameters, simple on-off switch or intelligent process control with automatic test cycles.

Utilization Areas are:

  • Floor washers

  • Facade cleaning, Building cleaning

  • High pressure cleaner (Stationary / Mobile)

  • Cleaning equipment industrial

  • Cleaning equipment food sector

  • Sewer cleaning, Pipe cleaning, Street cleaning

  • Pre-spray arch, pre-washing equipment (Car wash)

  • Heat exchanger

  • Tank cleaning

  • Wheel washers

High Pressure Units

SPEC High-Pressure Triplex Plunger Pumps suitable for many types of application, with all kinds of liquid media. Models in Brass, Spheroidal Cast Iron, Bronze, AI Bronze (Sea-Water Resistant), AISI 303, AISI 316, AISI 318, or Hastelloy for aggressive liquids.

Multi-Pump Systems

From double pump assemblies as stand by units, to multiple pump assemblies supplying separate consumers, to central aggregates with cascade connection for usage-based supply to several consumers, we offer customized solutions. Speed and system control, buffer tanks with filtration and much more are all part of our scope of supply.

Reverse Osmosis

Units are built to suit the medium in question, ranging from small pump assemblies with 24V drive for seawater desalination(solar powered), to compact RO units for must and wine preparation, to large galvanic water treatment installations. Resistant pump materials for aggressive media, seal water systems or additional rinsing for crystallizing media, pulsation dampening, soundproofing etc. are available as per the customers requirements.

Water Hydraulics

The different types of available units cover portable pump assemblies for making rock anchors: to stationary units for hydro forming, to standby supply installations for complex hydro cylinder systems using HFA or other hydraulic fluids.

Utilization Areas are:

  • Power plants

  • Industrial plants 

  • Foundries 

Water Jet Cutting

From pump units for edge cutting in the paper industry, to abrasive jet cutting units for dismantling power stations, to explosives disposal through to asparagus cutting machinery, we offer tailor-made solutions for specific applications.


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