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SERVICE Policy, Valid from 28. Oct 2020



The following terms and conditions apply to:


  1. Installations, testing and delivery start-up by Pump Supply.

  2. Repairs done by PS personal at client’s locations.

  3. Repairs at PS repair facility.


   a)    Working hours 

  • Normal working hours are 8 hours per day Monday to Friday. Sundays and Saturdays are considered as overtime.

  • Service done at PS facility and at clients’ locations have different hourly rates.

  • Hourly rates for operations such as start-up and service will start from mobilization to demobilization.

  • The time sheet shall be approved and signed by the client after the end of the work contract / assignment.

   b)   Travel Expenses


  • In accordance to government regulations, a 10% administration fee is charged on travel, boarding, lodging and telecommunications. Car allowance at own rates.

  c)    Clients Responsibility


  • The client is responsible for all cost related to extra or the need for other labor, all tools & equipment’s such as lifting equipment’s, cranes and ets. The client is also responsible for easy and safe access to the work site.


  • Pump Supply reserves the right to recall / withdraw service personal in situations where the workplace does not meet health and safety standards.


  • The client shall cover / compensate all cost of delays that are not caused by Pump Supply.



The choice between  Pump Supply Service Car or public transportation depends on the customers wishes, and what is appropriate for the execution of the assignment. This shall be agreed in advance. 

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