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Ethical Guidelines 160226

What and How

The purpose of this procedure is to ensure that the company never violates Norwegian laws, international conventions, discredits or loses the trust of customers or society at large.


Rate activity

Each time an activity is started or changed, one must consider whether the activity or process applied follows the company's visions and values, or whether it may be in violation of applicable law or harmful to society, the environment, people or innocent third parties. Likewise, all employees internally and externally should be honest, sincere and not hide illegal behavior at Pump Supply and its partners. This is just as important to customers as colleagues, partners, authorities and suppliers.

Result: Nobody hides mistakes.

Compliance legislation and CSR Policy

In any case, the person responsible for an activity shall familiarize themselves with the laws and regulations governing the activity. This should be described in the procedure prepared for the activity / process.
Any type of corruption, bribery and the like. is not allowed and will be prosecuted.
Pump Supply employees may not receive or give gifts, benefits, invite or participate in events, etc. for the purpose of influencing a process, person or organization. Under no circumstances should employees of Pump Supply receive gifts or benefits worth more than NOK 200. A general guideline is: If you don't want to read about it in the newspapers - don't do it!
Pump Supply shall not purchase services or products manufactured by forced labor, child labor or extreme use of overtime.
Employees of Pump Supply shall not participate in processes where there are conflicting interests and participation may cause harm or inconvenience to a party. In such cases, or in doubt of such cases, the CEO shall be involved in clarifying roles.
Pump Supply does not accept social dumping in its own or its suppliers' business.
Pump Supply does not accept that suppliers discriminate against employees, customers or others in the community in any way.
Pump Supply does not accept that suppliers conduct production that is environmentally harmful to humans and the environment. We will continuously seek to select suppliers that have a high environmental standard and are preferably certified according to ISO 14001, Environmental Lighthouse, EMAS or have environmental management systems similar to these schemes.
Always check the relationship with the Competition Act and see if the activity can affect the trust of the company or its employees.
Pump Supply shall not be involved in unlawful business matters of any kind.
All information you get about your customers, their business or their employees is covered by a duty of confidentiality outside of Pump Supply and experiences from projects must always be anonymized. More stringent rules can be agreed.

Result: No violation of laws or regulations. No dissemination of customer or person-sensitive information.

Compliance visions and values

The company's vision: "Flawless High Pressure Equipment"

Our values ​​are: Professional, fast, reliable, thorough (PREG).

All activity in the company should contribute to or support the vision and values.

Result: No deviation from the company's vision and values.


Continue activity or stop

Use the supplier checklist as a starting point for selecting suppliers. If it cannot be verified that the supplier's activities are in accordance with the UN human rights declaration and conventions prepared by the International Labor Organization (ILO).
If there is reason to believe that laws and regulations have not been followed, or the company's vision and values ​​are not followed, the activity must be stopped. Thereafter, it must be checked, possibly using external expertise, whether the activity can continue, or whether it must be changed or stopped.
Conditions that affect people's safety, possible negative environmental impact or general social values ​​should always be thoroughly investigated.

Result: If an activity can be harmful or unlawful to the customer, the community or Pump Supply, it must be stopped and the relationship clarified before it is continued in an approved manner or terminated.


Improve the procedure

All employees, suppliers and customers should be encouraged to help improve the company's operations or procedures.

Result: Continuous improvement of the company.

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