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Products & Suppliers

In addition to supplying our clients with the best products that the market has to offer Pumps  Supply designs and manufactures and delivers its own equipment for various applications as well.

We tailor made tools and machinery in accordance to our clients needs and specifications. Our team of engineers and designers will help and guide you in pursuing  your goals. 

Pump Supply also operates internationally. Our products and services can be found on four continents.

The products and systems we are supplying our clients with are listed below, click each one for more info:

  • Pump Supply's products:

  1. PS200

  2. PS300

  3. PS70H

  4. PS-NP2


  • Hammelmann:

    1. High Pressure Pumps

    2. Process Pumps

    3. High Flow Pumps

    4. Aquajet – Diesel Driven Units

  • High Pressure Equipments​

  • Dunlop Dunlohiflex

  • Equipment for offshore Use

  • Hydraulics International

  • Monkey Pumps

  • Parker

  • Peinemann Equipment

  • Rix

  • Speck Triplex

  • Stoneage

  • TST Sweden AB

  Compressors & Gas Boosters

  • Rix Industries

  • Hydraulics International 

  • Nardi Compressori

•    Process Pumps
o    Hammelmann 
o    Spec
o    Pneumatic Pumps

  • Monkey Pumps

  • Hydraulics International Inc

•    Chemical Pumps
o    Hammelmann
o    Monkey Pumps
o    Hydraulics International Inc

•    Pressure Test  Pumps
o    Hammelmann 
o    Spec
o    Hydraulics International Inc

•    Nitrogen Boosters
o    Hydraulics International Inc

•    Nitrogen Compressors
o    Rix Industries Oil Free Compressors
o    Nardi Oil Lubricated Compressors

•    Pneumatic Pumps
o    Monkey Pumps
o    Hydraulics International Inc

•    AODD (Membran Pumps)
o    Debem

•    HPU
o    Hammelmann
o    Spec
o    Hydraulics International Inc(Pneumatic)

Please contact us by e-mail or phone:

+47 32 27 36 00

Any questions?

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