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Rail Series

The maintenance of tracks and points is a high priority. It’s the only way to ensure high availability on the railway network. However, since large parts of the rail network are not very accessible, Mobile Tiefbau Saugsysteme GmbH has developed a suction excavator which can move on both the road and the rails. It is therefore ideal for track cleaning, as well as for special renovation work in the track area such as exposure of lines, sleepers, or points.

The TWO-WAY suction excavator takes its name from this ability to adapt to different movement situations. Pump Supply AS offers you a range of benefits alongside the innovative technology. These include special training, as well as many servicing and maintenance jobs, among other things.

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Application examples for Dino Rail Two-Way Suction Excavator

     The high-performance suction excavator, which moves flexibly around the rail network, is used for         this work, among other things:

  • Sucking up ballast for the maintenance of tracks and points.

  • Carrying out special renovation work in the track area.

  • Exposing lines in the ballast area.

  • Suctioning foundation holes for signals, pylons, etc.

  • Precise exposure of points or railway sleepers.

  • Reliable removal of litter and dust near stations and in tunnels.

  • Removing leaves from the track system and points boxes – particularly in the autumn.

  • Cleaning the drainage and discharge system in tunnels and bridges.

  • Removing residues after smoothing of the rails.

  • Sucking up sand between the rails and points – for example after a storm.

  • Removing contaminated material after a hazardous or environmentally hazardous substance leak.

MTS Dinocontainer Type 1, The Suction Box
MTS Dinocontainer Type 2, The Suction Box
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