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For our customers in the Marine segment, we recommend high-pressure pumps in Hammelmann's HDP series. These pumps are available in different models which can be set up in different configurations for high pressure, high water flow or a combination of both *. The units can be powered by electrical motors or internal combustion engines, and can be combined with a wide range of tools from single hand-held flushing equipment via semi or fully automatic rigs, up to large washing robots.


We have consciously and based on long experience in the industry selected quality equipment's that have been tested time and time over. Our products are robust that offer high capacity and long service intervals.

*We always recommend our customers to equip the operators with proper and user-friendly protective equipment's, as pressurized water can do great damage. Pump Supply AS is a supplier of protective equipment from TST in Sweden, which is among world's best in its field.

The products and systems we are supplying our clients with are listed below, click each one for more info:

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