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Pumps  Supply is heavy involved in supplying its clients in Norway with the best of equipment's that the market has to offer. Our dedication in sales and services is clearly marked on the map. Pump Supply also operates internationally. Our products and services can be found on four continents.

We provide our clients with assistance in planning stage, product/units design, transport to a pre-installed unit on board according to clients specifications. We rebuild, upgrades, overhaul your old units. We have a solid aftermarket team that supports our customers if desired. The Hammelmann pumps are robust and offer high capacity and long service intervals approx. 3500-4000 hours before overhaul of pump head (varies by model and type). First oil change is at 1000 hours then once a year. This results in low operating costs.

The products and systems we are supplying our clients with are listed below, click each one for more info:

Please contact us by e-mail or phone:

+47 32 27 36 00

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