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​Dunlop Dunlohiflex produces and distributes high quality hoses as listed below. They have been in business since 1970 and supply their products all over the globe. 

Dunlop Hiflex WATERBLAST series


Dunlop offers a simple "no-nonsense" series of hoses that are according to current industry standards and pressure assessments, based on 30 years of experience in deliveries of fully tested and certified high pressure hoses to a worldwide market.

The WATERBLAST hoses offer properties with high performance, flexibility, light weight and durability, and come in three printing series that are color-coded for easy identification. Hoses and couplings are designed and manufactured to the highest quality of materials within recognized quality standards, and exceed the industry specifications to deliver maximum ease of use and reliability.


All Dunlup WATERBLAST hoses are designed with a safety factor of 2.5: 1 in line with RMA (USA), BFPA (UK) and DIN (Germany) standards.

WATERBLAST applications:

  • Surface treatment

  • Sidewalk maintenance

  • Paint Removal

  • Corrosion and dust removal

  • Cleaning of tanks

  • Hydro demolition of concrete

  • WaterJet cutting of food and soft materials

  • Abrasive jet cutting of hard materials



We stock the following rubber hoses from Dunlop Hiflex:


  • DN 10 Can be delivered with M22x1.5 and 24x1.5 Swivel fittings

  • DN 13 Can be delivered with M22x1.5 and 24x1.5 Swivel fittings

  • DN 19 Can be delivered with M36x2 Swivel fittings

Other hoses and fittings on request:

Link to Dunlop Hiflex waterblasting catalog.

Please click here for more information.

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