High Pressure Components

Hydraulics International Pump Division offers the following high pressure components;



These valves are direct operated, differential poppet, dry spring chamber design. All ports can accept full working pressure permitting their use also as a sequence valve or back pressure controller regulator (BPR). Wetted alloys are stainless steel. Dynamic seals are UHMWPE. Static seals are Buna. Optional: Viton add-V. EPR add-E. Wrench flats are standard on adjusting screws.*

PILOT CUTOFF VALVES; Sense Liquid or Gas Pressures. Provide Air Signal.

These valves perform a function similar to a pressure switch. The sensing piston or plunger movement is spring or air adjusted. When the sensed pressure is reached, a small, integral air valve shifts position cutting off, or providing, a pilot air signal. Useful for start/stop control of various pneumatically piloted devices such as HII pumps, valves and boosters. Maximum air valve pressure is 120 PSI. Sensing section alloys are stainless steel. Buna static seal standard, optional: Viton add-V, EPR add -E. (e.g. PCV-E002E).

UNLOADING VALVES; Normally Open, Normally Closed, Air Pilot Actuated.

These valves open or close high pressure oil or plain water back to tank or to another line or high pressure gas to another line. High pressure section alloys are stainless steel with stainless steel ball or poppet design.


INLINE CHECK VALVES, 316 STAINLESS STEEL BODIES Notes: (1) Optional static seal: For Viton, add “V”, for EPR, add “E” to model no. V-100D ©2010 Hydraulics International, Inc. NC NO High Pressure. These valves are 316 S.S. ball type and soft seat (PTFE ring) in the 1/4 NPT, 1/2 NPT, 3/4 NPT, and 1 NPT sizes; Brass poppet on S.S. seat in the 2 NPT size. Control springs hold approximately 3 PSI. Optional higher pressure springs are available in the 2” NPT unit only.


This air operated valve opens and closes high pressure liquid or gas connection. Balanced poppet, piston actuated, normally open, bubble tight design assures high reliability. Minimum actuation is a 30-PSI and Maximum is a 150-PSI. Constructed of 316-SS with a Cv = 0.75

GAS RECEIVERS; High Pressure. T

These units are normally used at the outlet of an HII Gas Booster or system to store a volume of gas for smooth, intermittent release through a pressure reducing valve.

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